The Federal Service for Technology and Export Control (FSTEC) issued the company Micran a State Accreditation Certificate of a Russian participant of foreign economic activity, with an intra-organizational export control program.

The program was created in order to realize the export of Micran’s products and services in accordance with laws and statutory procedures. The program involves the formation of a check mechanism for foreign trade transaction safety, as well as for the prevention of document, equipment and technology transfer of dual-purpose.

Now Micran may independently carry out an identification examination of all export goods and products for compliance with checklists of FSTEC. In other words Micran may, for example, determine whether the product gets under export restrictions or not. The acquired right will cut the work time with trade agreements and make it possible to save money.

However, as noted by the Advisor Director General Alexander Batsula, these circumstances impose duties on "Micran". It requires the issued construction documentation for exported products and units to be trustworthy.