A new article about Micran’s MMIC Design Center for the Microwave Journal came out this December.

The Article «FABS and LABS From Russia with Love and Expertise» tells about the history of the company Micran and its well-known MMIC Design Center.

Micran’s MMIC Design Center began its activity in 2008. Since that time the team has gained substantial experience through joint activity with the company’s Internal III-V-Foundry and successful projects with popular foundries in Europe and Asia. Subsequently, MMICs can be manufactured using proven foundry processes from OMMIC, United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) and WIN Semiconductors. Micran’s MMIC Design Center in cooperation with the Internal III-V Foundry is oriented on the design and manufacture of various III-V microwave devices. Micran offers competitive vertical diode processes, which provide superior performance and extended functionality. The offering includes the QZBD process that is based on a vertical GaAs zero bias diode. This process is suited primarily for ultra-wideband, wide dynamic range power detectors with no DC bias required.

Another is the QSBD process, which has at its core a vertical GaAs Schottky barrier diode with high reliability and excellent performance. Various types of passive microwave devices can be designed based on the QSBD process, including limiters, mixers, multipliers and detectors.

The QPIN process is based on a vertical GaAs PIN diode. That simplifies the design of different passive microwave devices such as switches, limiters, attenuators and phase shifters.

The Microwave Journal is a leading source for information about RF and Microwave technology, design techniques, news, events and educational information. Microwave Journal reaches 50,000 qualified readers monthly with the print magazine that has a global reach. Micran is thereby looking forward to reach the global RF/microwave engineering audience and hopes to find new partners, who are interested in further cooperation.